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Kile 5 years ago
good woman
Vudojind 5 years ago
Zdrasti tarsish li si sex
Vojinn 5 years ago
llegue por taringa
Gagore 5 years ago
Next time you idolize something, idolize harambe please.
Kajigis 5 years ago
Don't you dare settle. Don't you do it! Your supermodel is waiting for you! Get out there and get her. Use up all your savings to travel to where they are. Go to the French Riviera on your rented yacht. All those dime pieces are waiting for you. Who needs the perfect average girl, when the Kate Upton's of the world are waiting?!?!?! Who cares if you use every single dime of your life savings for a pipe dream, those Hottie McHottersons won't wait forever.